For the past few months I've been working to organize my new crafts area and while the progress has been slow, it has at least been steady. 

I recently added some wall decor to the space to incorporate some more personal identity into the area and I think you'll enjoy seeing how these fun letters were created.    

      Blog wordplay vertical




The words resemble hand painted letttering but they're actually made out of vinyl and they're super easy to make.

Blog wordplay tight

The wall signage was made using a digital craft cutter, which allows you to cut out various images as well as any true type font. 

After installing the requisite software program onto your personal computer, plug the digital cutter device into an available serial port on your computer.

Blog wordplay box


The vinyl used to make the lettering comes on a roll like this and is available at most scrapbooking stores or on-line.

Blog wordplay vinyl

Since just about any true type font can be used, there are loads of lettering choices.  Simply open the digital cutter workspace screen in your computer and enter the desired letter or text. 

For the letters "CREATIVITY", I had to print them individually to get the size I wanted for each.

         Blog wordplay computer

After typing the letter or word in the computer, simply load a piece of the adhesive vinyl adhesive into the digital cutter which receives the letter or image from the computer screen and cuts it out.

Blog wordplay system

The vinyl has a backing which protects the adhesive.  After the cutter creates the shape or letter, the backing of the vinyl is peeled off just like contact paper.


Blog wordplay lift

If you have a lengthy word, you may need to spread it out to get a better perspective on how it might work on the wall.

 Blog wordplay floor

Note:  The instructions on the Adhesive Vinyl roll specify that a special transfer paper is also needed to help adhere the letters to a wall surface.  While transfer paper may be needed for some projects, I did not need it for this.

After the letters are cut, peel the letters off the backing slowly.  Take extra care during this step because the letters are quite fragile and the vinyl tears very easily. 

Blog wordplay brown2


To prepare for letter placement, determine the center of the wall area.  I think it's a good idea to select the letter that sits at the very center of the word and make that,the first letter you adhere over your pre-determined center wall mark.

Once that center letter is in place, start adhering the letters on either side working from the center outward.  This makes for a more symmetrical placement of the word.  If any letter in the lineup is slightly skewed, it's easy enough to lift it off the wall and re-position it for a more perfect alignment.


Blog wordplay application

Once the main word is positioned in the desired location, just add to what you've started with additional words or decorative elements. 

Blog wordplay word

For the subtitle "in all its forms", I used a true type font called Susie's Hand.  This is one of my favorite fonts and I use it quite often for journaling blocks in scrapbooking pages and projects.  It's also the same font used in my blog banner title.

Susie's Hand is a free font that you can download from the Internet if you click here.

Blog wordplay close

Don't discard the large pieces of vinyl sheet scraps because the leftovers can also be used for lots of smaller images and lettering projects. 

I used scraps and this heart-shaped hand punch to add a touch of whimsy above the letter "i" in CREATIVITY.

Blog wordplay punch 

I thought a few green flourishes would add some additional balance to my wall project and also break up the dominant pink in the lettering. 

These flourishes are also created by the digital cutter.

Blog wordplay green 

Just play around with the additional pieces to find the arrangement that works best. 

I suspect this pink and green color combination may be especially sweet to all my Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters out there. 

Blog wordplay flourishes

This wall art is completely removable and it's no problem to peel the letters or flourishes from the wall without any damage to the surface.

There are so many wonderful ways wall letters can be used to add to your home decor, especially with some of the pretty cursive or script-like fonts that are available. 

Blog wordplay side_edited-1


By the way, for those of you who have inquired lately about the progress of my Belfry, you can see at least one corner is slowly coming together.  

I still have lots I want to do in this attic space but it's nice to see the room less cluttered and finally taking shape.

Blog vinyl room2

Meanwhile, if you're thinking about vinyl lettering for your wall consider the following ideas;  greetings in an arched entryway, words on the instep of hardwood stairs, labels for large glass storage jars, names of favorite authors on a home library wall, a phrase or nickname over a baby's crib or some playful words and shapes in a child's play area. 

The possibilities for Wordplay are endless.


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    Hello Lisa!
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