Photo Fun

Any scrapbooker will tell you meaningful journaling and photographs that mean something to you, are at the heart of the pages we create. I've made a concerted effort this year to really work on fine tuning my own photographic eye by studying various techniques that can help turn a good photograph into a great one.  Even though I've been a longtime "picture snapper", I'm still a work in progress when it comes to consistently taking photographs I think are great. I still take thirty or forty pictures just to get that perfect one or two that I love.

I thought it would be fun to share a few favorite photographs from time to time.


The photo above features my daughter Cameron, as she takes in the sights and apparently…. the smells of nature. I just love that look on her face. Here's another favorite photo taken the same day. I was lucky enough to catch her mid-laugh, and I think this really captures her good-natured personality.


It's funny, when you start scrapbooking, your mind just re-wires itself when it comes to photography and everything starts looking like a potential scrapbook page. For example, when I was taking these pictures, the scrapbook wheels started churning. I remember thinking not just about the images, but also about a particular dandelion rubber stamp I had in my stash and how I might be able to use it with these pictures. I guess that's what you call scrap-think.

The layout below shows how all the pieces to my "scrap-think" ultimately came together for a winning entry in the Memory Makers Masters 2007 contest. I love the two photos above as stand-alones but decided to use just a portion of each one in the layout. One of the MMM-07 contest requirements was to create a page that represented the theme "Celebrate Life", and this is what I came up with. Notice the dandilion stamp?

This layout was featured in the January 2007 issue of Memory Makers magazine.


As I mentioned, I've actually been taking pictures for a very long time. My Dad bought me my very first camera when I was a young girl. It was a Canon AE1, an ultra sweet film camera.  The AE1 was considered revolutionary in it's heyday and was one of the top amateur cameras to own.  I still have it and it's in mint condition along with its original hippie-inspired patterned shoulder strap. Remember those? 


While the AE1 made me a Canon user for life, the poor little thing now just sits on a lonely shelf in my closet, thanks to the digital revolution. Of course I'm keeping the AE1 for posterity and sentimental reasons. Technology is fantastic but it does have a tendency to render loyal favorites obsolete.


These days it's just too impractical to use film cameras and there's little comparison when it comes to the advantages of digital systems. Digital tech has really opened up a world of endless photographic possibilities for me and I'm learning more and more every day about what works… and even more importantly… what doesn't work.

Now if only I could get a few photos I love after just 20 pictures instead of the current 30-40….I'll be well on my way.

By the way, my 7-year old son snapped the picture of me above. Maybe he's a future photographer.

Anyway, here's to hoping all your shots (film or digital) are picture perfect. Click, click… flash!

  • Neutral Dwelling

    I love the picture of your daughter laughing!!!

  • LaTosha

    I admire your passion and love for the beauty captured in your pictures. Photos allow us to capture time and freeze it, its magical.

  • Carmen

    You two are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • gena

    These are excellent photos! It looks like your intention is in tune. And what a cute shot your 7yo took of you! Those are the ones that are so much fun for me.

  • Sue

    Your photos are glorious!! You have the camera I so want! And your daughter…wow. Such a beauty and her face just glows!
    Your talents just leave me in awe!

  • Jen Seals

    Your daughter is so beautiful! If she is not already a model, she should be!

  • Melanie

    what great captures of your daughter and LOVE the scrapbook layout.
    I’m a Canon girl myself šŸ˜‰

  • sheree

    Wow, she is beautiful!! Love the photos and your scrapbook page layout. I have so many scrapbooking supplies, but never use them. Gosh, you are inspiring me!!!

  • Lynda

    Hi and thanks SO much for submitting your wonderful blog to Delightfulblogs. I just spent an hour exploring your blog and it’s been fun…plus your photography is great. You are so creative and talented!
    All the best,

  • cd&m

    Hi Lisa glad you managed to get the book so quickly, it sounds great. Your daughter is beautiful and these are brilliant photographs.

  • cd&m

    Hi Lisa glad you managed to get the book so quickly, it sounds great. Your daughter is beautiful and these are brilliant photographs.

  • cindy

    You have a great eye for these things. I enjoyed reading your blog and will put it in my favorites. A great well-rounded crafting blog. Is there anything you can’t do?

  • Carla

    Thank you for visiting my little blog, and leaving such a nice note. I’m adding you to my blogroll. We have so many of the same interests. Scrapbooking, and sewing to name a few. LOVE your photos, and your beautiful pages. Your daughter’s apron is adorable. My daughter and I sew togethter a lot. We usually make some kind of a purse. Can’t seem to get enough of making those! Have a great day!

  • patti

    SO glad you stopped by my blog!! I started with a Nikon film camera that was awesome, also given to me by my dad! I am currently trying to get some cash together to replace the camera that disappeared from my house….and then I can continue trying to improve my images. I think yours are just terrific!

  • Junie Moon

    You left a comment on my blog so I thought I’d come over and visit you, I am so glad I did because I’m enjoying your beautiful photos and your thoughtful writing.

  • Mary

    Great photos! The LO really is perfect for them, too. I can see why it was chosen for publication.

  • dana

    Love the pictures, and the layout was great! Dana

  • Trisha Evans

    That picture of Cameron mid laugh is priceless! What a beautiful subject to photograph!
    Trisha Evans

  • Tandra Boyer

    Hi Lisa! I love how the 3 smaller pics aside the large one tell more of a story and conjure up excitement than in their large form! That is a wonderful page, I love the colors used!
    I still have my first ‘real ‘ camera- my older brother gave it to me while I was in High School- He worked at the camera store in Laguna Beach, so when he gave me a Minolta 35mm I was in heaven! It sadly doesnt work! I have a Fuji Fine Pix now, and I really want to upgrade to something better!
    Thankyou for visiting my blog!!

  • Tara

    Lisa I love your photography and scrap designs, just beautiful, you have a real creative eye! I’ll be back for more! xo

  • mikascrap

    I love your pictures. Mika

  • Jen

    Thanks so much for visiting me! Your photos make me speechless. Very talented!

  • janet clare

    Your journal and daughter are beautiful!
    I asked a professional photographer about getting the ‘perfect’ shot once and he told me that he would take a whole roll of film to get the shot he wanted- so you are in good company!

  • Staci

    Lisa, these photos are beautiful! You have such a great eye!

  • Jen Seals

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Your blog is wonderful! I love it. I looked immediately at your studio space. Its FANTASTIC! I think I would love to be in “the bat cave”!!!! And stay there! You are another fabulous creative to add to my blogroll. I’ll be talking with you!

  • Staci Compher

    …..that’s so true what you said about your pictures, after you start scrapbooking…you have a different eye!!! love the pics…gorgeous!!!

  • Rachel Greig

    Love the photos of your daughter!! And good on you for getting into photography šŸ™‚

  • Renee

    Another Canon girl! I have 3 canon SLR’s so far. I love them all, even my original film rebel. It’s funny, because my Dad (who also was a photo buff) shot with a Koui and a Petri, which is what I learned on. I actually have been looking for a neck strap like the old ones. I have a disney one now, but would love the old style one. BTW, I love the photos, beautiful bokeh.

  • cindy tobey

    Great photos! I remember seeing that layout in MM…very nice! šŸ™‚ I too still have my first camera…memories.

  • bonnierose

    Ur pics of your daughter are just smashing.. wow! Love your work… thks for stopping by my blog today! hugs

  • Lara

    You’re photos and scrapbook page are awesome!
    I have found that having digital and being able to see exactly what happened immediately has improved my photography vastly. It still depends on my subjects (kids!) whether or not they let me get a good picture, LOL!

  • Katie Szymanski

    Great photos!! I love that layout!!

  • Susan Beth Breuner

    Wow! You are great! Thanks for your musing about photography – I too am motivated to improve my photography through conserted effort at learning because I want to have more and better to scrapbook. And, congrats on being a MMM – I look forward to seeing your stuff in the mag.
    Susan Beth