What type of camera do you use?

I’ve used a lot of different cameras and equipment over the years and my gear has slowly evolved over time. I currently use a Canon 5D Mark II,  a 50mm and a 100mm Macro lens for most of my pictures on this blog. While some camera gear can be pricey, I don’t think you necessarily need expensive equipment to take lovely pictures. I think great photographs can be captured with just about any camera through practice, staging, styling, lighting, photo editing software and experimentation. While there can be a learning curve associated with photo techniques and processes, try not to get discouraged. Keep working at it and your pictures will get better.

How can I improve my photos?

Use natural light, when possible. Make note of what windows produce lovely light in your home. For example, I shoot most of my food photography in my foyer because that’s where I get the best natural light.  Open my front door on any given day and you may be greeted with a dessert platter and props on the floor.  So, enter carefully and watch your step. Drape a sheer curtain or large piece of gauze over a window to diffuse and soften harsh light for a more appealing image. Consider shooting your next project from an unusual angle. Change your perspective by shooting from the floor or from on top of a ladder. Add visual interest to your shots with props and varied textures and even a few crumbs sprinkled around if you’re shooting food. You may be surprised to see how the addition of pretty linens and rustic backdrops can beautifully elevate your photographs. Keep your eyes peeled as you travel about for unusual props and items you can potentially use to enhance your presentation. My regular blog column, Get the Shot features more photography tips and advice. You can find it by searching the PHOTOGRAPHY  section which is a drop down item in the Lifestyle & Seasonal category on my homepage navigation bar.

May I feature your photos and projects on my blog?

Yes, I’m more than happy to allow you to share my work. I think that’s what this wonderful blogging community is all about. Don’t you?  I do have a few conditions when you share my content. Please limit use to one image and include a direct link back to my original post. Please don’t reprint or re-post any of my work in its entirety.  Feel free to post photos of my projects on Pinterest with a link to the Celebrate Creativity blog as the original source.  Please do not use any of my photos for personal profit or commercial promotion.  Additional use of my photos beyond the scope of what I’ve already outlined, requires my written permission. Unauthorized reproduction, copying, duplicating, modification, republishing, uploading, posting, or transmitting any original content from the Celebrate Creativity blog is strictly prohibited.  I really do appreciate your interest and I thank you for respecting my original work and for your continued blog courtesy. All original content is copyright protected.  All rights reserved.